Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Concert of Honor part #2

Well, after two months of searching for a location (church of school) to have my Choir Project rehearsal, we hit a road block. All churches are too busy or do not have the time or space to allocate for this project.

I unfortunately have decided to put the project on hold until June (when I can pick up the search for a church space again). I do not want to have this project cost $40-50 per singer (to rent a space and buy their music), I rather find free (donated rehearsal space) to keep the costs down to $20 per singer. Keeping that in mind, I also feel that the cost of this project to each singer will either harm the number of singers I can get (I already have 25-30, but I need 45-50).

Further information on this project will come to light in my next post.

Thank you

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