Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grad School for MM in Choral Conducting

This is a compiled list of some of the Masters ONLY programs in Choral Conducting. These programs do not give out Doctoral Degrees.

Westminster Choir College:

Dr. Joe Miller - Director of Choral Activities; BME Univ of Tennessee, MM & DMA Univ of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music.

Dr. James Jordon - Associate Professor of Choral music; MM & PHD Temple Univ

Northern Arizona Univerity:

Dr. Edith Copley - Director of Choral Acitivies; BME Luther College, Mm & DMA Univ of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

Dr. Ryan Holder - Associate Director of Choral Activities; holds bachelors and masters degrees from Southern Oregon University and University of Northern Colorado

Brigham Young University:

Dr. Ronald Staheli - Director of Choral Activities; BA from BYU, MM & DMA Univ of Southern California

Temple University:

Dr. Alan Harler - Director of Choral Activities

Dr. Rollo Dillworth - Associate Professor of Choral Music Education; DMA Northwestern Univ

University of Denver:

Dr. Catherine Sailer - Director of Choral Activities; BM & MM Univ of Denver, DMA Northwestern Univ

Portland State University:

Dr. Stephen Coker - Director of Choral Activities; BME & MM from OCU, DMA Univ of Southern California

Western Washington University:

Dr. Leslie Guelker-Cone - Director of Choral Activities; BA California State Univ, MM San Jose State Univ, DMA Univ of Colorado Boulder

Tim Fitzpatrick - Assistant Professor of Choral Music Education; BM & MM Western Washington Univ, MM in Piano Pedagogy Univ of Texas


Brian Burns said...

How about the University of Delaware, under Dr. Paul Head?

Richard said...

Alan, you can put me in place of Prof. Gibbons at UNT--

Richard Sparks

rmg247 said...

Woot!!! NAU!! For anyone considering this, Dr. Copely and Dr. Holder are both awesome! They are amazing conductors, wonderful, and knowledgable teachers!

Anonymous said...

Oklahoma State has a choral conducting master's. Z. Randall Stroope is the DCA.

Kimberly Dunn Adams said...

Add to this list Western Michigan University, a school with a great choral tradition.

Kimberly Dunn Adams
Director of Choral Activities
Western Michigan University
School of Music