Saturday, November 8, 2008

My New Series of Posts

I am starting a Series of Posts called "Americas Choral Journey" which timelines the big events in the forming of today's choral traditions and education. It follows from 1900 to today. Covering 15 Video's averaging 5 mins each. ALL VIDEOS WILL HAVE SOUND INCLUDED.

I will cover several topics within these videos, but to not give any of that information now, will leave you suspense and curiousity. So please return as my new videos shall be every week or every couple of weeks.

Its a long series, so I do hope that you continue to watch them. The choral history of this country I believe has great value to present day conductors.

Its a map of where we've been and could help lead us to where we can go, while still keeping our core traditions.

Hope you enjoy and have many comments.

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