Friday, January 11, 2008

alittle more about me

Growing up since I was 5 years old listening to choral music like; Palestina’s Adoramus Te, Mozarts Requiem, Gregorian Chant, Anton Bruckner’s music, and Thomas Tallis’s music. All of this music grew to me becoming a choral conductor. I consider these composers/choral pieces to define me today.
I am currently working on my BME (choral) degree, and eventhough I am not (yet) extremely knowledge-able about all choral music, I do however work hard to become the most knowledge-able. I have a physical Choral Music Library of 1,100+ and adding more every week. I even have a Music Library that has many choral music books; The Swedish Choral Miracle (Sparks), Choral Ensemble Intonation (Jordon), Conducting Choral Music (Garretson), and so on (45 Books Total). Even my Choral Mp3 Collection is LARGE. I have Dale Warland Singers CD’s, Eric Whitacre’s Songs, Morten Lauridsen Songs, Renaissance Choral Music, Swedish Radio Choir Cd’s, Tallis Scholars, and many many more (2315+).
I am a full believer of the art of Choral Conducting, how choral music can inspire people, build confidence, develope amazing artistry, and share cultural heritage’s of the world.
These are my philosophies and I hope to share more with you, and you share with me.

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